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Honesty in user interface design

I liked the “Dark Patterns: inside interfaces designed to trick you” article by Harry Brignull. Honesty in how we interact with our customers through our products is probably an obvious practice to most of us. Unfortunately, ill-conceived business thinking lead to products that place profit in front of users. Not …


Convergence of User Experiences

Disclaimer: These thoughts do NOT represent strategy or plans by my team or company. They are just that… thoughts. The way we consume information and services has transformed over the last few years. Small, specialized applications on smartphones and tablets have displaced the Web browser as our primary window into …


Facebook’s Search Graph

I’ve been working on Graph Store-related technologies for 5-6years now. I got fascinated by the idea of representing the world’s information as an interconnected network (check out my semantics-related posts and some of my publications). Back when I was in Microsoft Research I built Zentity, a graph store + programming …


wocket – a side project

As I mentioned in the past, I am an information junkie. I go through the week collecting articles that I read when I get some free time, in between social commitments, exciting work at Microsoft, startup, concerts, etc. One of the services that I use a lot is Pocket (previously …


Devices are getting smaller…

… so, one would think that they are easier to carry, right? I must be doing something wrong because I find myself carrying all three: Laptop, Surface, and a phone. If you add my MacBook Pro + all cables & power supplies to the list, it’s no wonder my bag …

Rest in Peace Jim Gray

Jim Gray (1944-2012). Here’s to a wonderful human being, an amazing scientist, and a great role model. I am so honored to have known, have worked with, and have had him as a mentor in Microsoft. Jim was the one who advised me to move to the US and join …

XLDB 2011 conference – Observations

Granted, Netflix had to build their own pipeline based on open source technologies. They used the right tool for the job. They used a NoSQL solution for reliably gathering/recording their data at scale. They used an RDBMS where it made sense.

Netflix is a big company. They can build their own data processing infrastructure from the various pieces. However, what about all those smaller companies that want to collect and process data that is critical to their growth, competitiveness, survival? Wouldnt they benefit from cloud solutions that are scalable, reliable, and NOT managed by them!

Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011

/**/ To me Steve represents the perfect example of a visionary, a creator, leader, an artist, a world changer. In my eyes, the world is a better, more beautiful place, because of Steve. Source:, Oct 5, 2011 Steve Jobs Read more […]