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Location awareness and semantic data mashups

One of the main reasons I went through the pain of rewriting the blog engine and restructuring my entire web site was the ease/flexibility of development. I wanted to be able to add new features easily so I could experiment with some ideas around data aggregation and integration/combination, especially making

Famulus and M – Added "symmetric" relation

Continuing my previous experiment, I took few mins this morning to add support for “symmetric” relations to my little inferencing engine for Famulus. Here’s an example (starting with a clean Famulus store):


Building an MGrammar-based application for Famulus

At the 2008 Microsoft eScience Workshop, Alex Wade and I presented a tutorial on Famulus. The video recording is not yet online but you can download the slides. The tutorial was mostly filled with demos so you should check out the recording when it becomes available.


Extending "Famulus" using arbitrary data models

“Famulus” has always been the codename for our “Research Output Repository Platform”, which I’ve discussed in previous posts. I am mentioning the codename in public for the first time only now because it makes the discussion of code samples so much easier. When we come up with the official name