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ReactGraph – Part 1: Graphs and Reactive Computing – Historical Context

Over the last few weeks, as a spare time side project, I’ve been experimenting with a concept that has been circulating in my head for few years now. I’ve been trying to form an opinion, by writing code, around questions such as…

  • What does a graph store with both “pull”

Chemistry addin for Word available as Open Source

image[10]It’s soooo great to see the Chemistry addin for Word (previously known as “Chem4Word”) on Codeplex as an open source project. Congratulations to all the folks over at External Research and to Alex Wade in particular for driving this wonderful project and making it what it is today.

“Scholarly Communications” Group on Facebook and at the OCLC Mashathon event

Lee Dirks just created a “Scholarly Communications” group on Facebook. Most of my work while I was in Microsoft Research was associated/supported by Lee’s group. Lee and Alex Wade are doing an amazing job. They have so many ideas on how technologies could support the work