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REST in Practice

“REST in Practice” at a University near you and some fun

A couple of days ago, O’Reilly sent “REST in Practice” to the (e-)printers*. It was a great milestone for Jim, Ian, and me; the end of a long road. The target date for the book’s release date is September 24th (yes, of this year :-)


REST in Practice… meet the authors

My “REST in Practice” co-authors, Jim and Ian, have been doing an amazing job at creating presentation/courseware material for the book. It’s really humble to experience the kind of interest we’ve had so far from academics, even before the book is published, based on the presentation material that

REST in Practice in editing/review/correction state and available on Amazon

REST in Practice
It’s been a loooooong road, I think it might even be more than 2 3 years. Jim and I had talked about writing a book together about the Web, its design principles, its technologies, and its potential role in distributed applications. We love working together so we wanted this