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ReactGraph Part 5 – A user’s feed via “pull” and “push” graph queries

Investigation into bringing together graph and reactive computing. This fifth post in the series showcases slightly more complex LINQ-to-graph and Rx types queries for both “pull” and “push” type computation.

ReactGraph – Part 1: Graphs and Reactive Computing – Historical Context

Over the last few weeks, as a spare time side project, I’ve been experimenting with a concept that has been circulating in my head for few years now. I’ve been trying to form an opinion, by writing code, around questions such as…

  • What does a graph store with both “pull”

Playing with move semantics in C++ – Part 1

(Kjell Schubert contributed to these posts with ideas, discussion, feedback, and corrections).

I did a lot of C++ programming back in the 90s when the language didn’t have universal references, move semantics, lambdas, shared_ptrs, or any of the cool features that have been introduced since then. I moved to C# …