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Please raise your voice against fascism

Mpampis, my great childhood friend, recently posted on his Facebook timeline a variant of Martin Niemöller’s “First they came” poem. It’s been a while since I first read and loved that poem. To me, the poem is a great reminder of the need for all of us to remain informed, …

It’s a celebration of democracy

Earlier tonight I dropped off my ballot. Every time I participate in a voting process, I feel that I celebrate the memory of the ancient Greeks who coined the idea that people can have a say in the running of their country’s affairs. I celebrate the memory of all of …

Diplomacy 2.0?

I feel that I need to express my opinion on the recent Wikileaks-related events. I know that many of my friends or those who follow my thoughts on the Web might not agree with me but I always believe that it’s healthy to have a difference in opinions since