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New challenge

It was more than 18 months that I moved to the Technical Computing organization inside Microsoft. I had joined a startup team that worked on building a platform for large-scale compute and data processing on top of Azure. It was an amazing experience. We worked hard, produce great results, and

Savas in a skirt and on a donkey :-)

Well, after feeling extremely honored as a result of the Visiting Professor appointment, I thought it might be good to bring myself down to earth as fast as possible. So I asked my family to send me few photographs from my childhood. It’s always good for one to

Professor Savas Parastatidis :-)

I arrived at home after a fantastic weekend in New York. Since my cell phone had run out of battery while I was still at the JFK airport, I was only able to check my email after I got home. The first message in my mailbox:

Subject: Professor Savas

Activities, travels, and music

It’s been two months since my last travel/music post. I am in a hotel in Athens waiting for the hours to go by before my return flights to Seattle tomorrow so I thought of recording some of my activities/travel/festival highlights over the last couple of months.

There was that

Coachella 2010 and Santa Monica visit

It’s been two weeks since Coachella 2010 but I only now got the chance to blog about the experience. Work and the focus on finishing “REST in Practice” have kept me really busy.

The Coachella festival is definitely not Glastonbury, not even close! It occupies a

My “Olympic” Vancouver weekend

It’s been some time since my last “travel” blog entry. I still plan to write about the fun/skiing week in Italy but I am not finding the free time to finish the video I am editing :-(

Last weekend, I rode my motorbike to Vancouver to experience some of