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Glastonbury 2013

Another year, another great Glastonbury. It’s already been a month since our trip to the UK for the annual Glastonbury festival, so this is post is long due. Better late than ever I guess :-)

As every year, it was an amazing just being there. The great music, art, …

Glastonbury 2011

Another year, another Glastonbury!!! And as always, it didn’t disappoint. This year it was a different experience for me but it was still a lot of fun! :-) It was the first Glastonbury since 2004 that I didn’t experience on my own. Mary was with me, which meant that …

Glastonbury 2010!!!

Another June, another Glastonbury :-) This year, however, it didn’t rain! The weather was amazing. The festival was amazing! I do think that it gets better and better with every year. Well, I am surely enjoying it more. I’ve been going since 2004 and, still, I don’t think I’ll

Activities, travels, and music

It’s been two months since my last travel/music post. I am in a hotel in Athens waiting for the hours to go by before my return flights to Seattle tomorrow so I thought of recording some of my activities/travel/festival highlights over the last couple of months.

There was that

Coachella 2010 and Santa Monica visit

It’s been two weeks since Coachella 2010 but I only now got the chance to blog about the experience. Work and the focus on finishing “REST in Practice” have kept me really busy.

The Coachella festival is definitely not Glastonbury, not even close! It occupies a

Glastonbury in November (@glastofest)

Wow. I can’t believe Glastonbury looks like this. It’s sooo beautiful :-) Different type of beauty from when it’s packed with ~200k people at the end of June :-)

Compare the beautiful green landscape with the colorful sea of tends, stages, arts & crafts & food stands, and people.

U2 concert in Vancouver

What a wonderful wonderful experience that was! We had a blast!

I left work early to get to Vancouver with 1 1/2 hours to spare so that I could have dinner with my friends before the Black Eyed Peas who were opening for U2. Unfortunately, I hadn’t calculated

Moby at the Showbox

I went to Moby‘s concert here in Seattle yesterday. It was absolutely great. I don’t know whether it was the music, the dancing (lots of jumping :-), the vibe, the wine + beers that we had beforehand, or the combination of all but I had an amazing time.

“Star Wars in concert” – It was excellent

I attended the “Star Wars in concert” show at the KeyArena earlier tonight. It was quite an experience! :-)

There was a large orchestra and symphony to play John William‘s compositions from the movie series. A huuuuge screen was playing snippets from the movies. Cameras were