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The “Tony Hey” award

This is fantastic!!! Fully deserved and I am sure many more recognitions will be added to his great record. The “Tony Hey” student award was established to honor Tony‘s contributions to e-Science. I am thrilled!!! I am also honored and humbled to have worked with Tony!!! :-) Congratulations!

Microsoft Biology Foundation (MBF)

I am really happy to see the MBF project being announced to the public. When Simon Mercer of External Research first told me about what he wanted to do (that was last year, when I was still working for External Research), I got very excited. I got to review his …

Transitioning to a new role

I know it hasn’t been long since I moved to Bing from Microsoft Research but things don’t always work out as originally planned. I learned a lot while at Bing but my primary goal of getting experience in delivering a large-scale service wasn’t being realized. Furthermore, the work I wanted …

The growth of Acer and lightweight OSes

I do hope that Microsoft is paying attention. There was public rhetoric a year ago about the appeal of Netbooks. Well, the just-released numbers say the story clearly… Netbooks (or cheap laptops) do have an audience and it seems that the audience is growing. Acer has had a great quarter …