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Cortana, I am back!

I had a great time at Facebook. I learned a lot, wrote lots of code, and worked on conversational understanding technologies. I can’t wait to see what the team will do next.

Facebook is a unique organization, with an extraordinary culture. The engineering infrastructure is unbelievable and it enables developers …

Farewell Kyril

I met Kyril back in 2006. I was already in Microsoft for a year when Jim Gray and Tony Hey asked me to join Tony’s Technical Computing team as an Architect. Kyril was in my interview loop for the job. We spent a lot of time talking about eScience, research, …

Come work for our team!!!

In my previous post I shared my excitement about my new role in Microsoft. I work together with some amazing people on hard problems, in a domain that really excites me: data, information, knowledge at scale. We now want to grow the team and so we want YOU! :-)


My new challenge in Microsoft

Over the last three months I’ve been having an incredible time at work. I opted not to talk about it because I wanted to make sure that it sticks this time :-) Before my current role, I participated in great startup efforts within Microsoft, projects with great vision and immense

Zentity v2.0

Ahhhh! One of my “children” is growing up and maturing!

imageI am so proud of the team over at Microsoft’s External Research. They have done an amazing job with Zentity. The new version packs a great set of cool new features, building on the extensible nature of the graph

Chemistry addin for Word available as Open Source

image[10]It’s soooo great to see the Chemistry addin for Word (previously known as “Chem4Word”) on Codeplex as an open source project. Congratulations to all the folks over at External Research and to Alex Wade in particular for driving this wonderful project and making it what it is today.