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M (Project “Oslo”)

A DSL that changes itself?

Remember those experiments with MGrammar and Famulus?

As part of some more coding effort on knowledge graphs and inferencing, I thought that it’d be cool to evolve my Domain-Specific Language so that it

Famulus and M – Added "symmetric" relation

Continuing my previous experiment, I took few mins this morning to add support for “symmetric” relations to my little inferencing engine for Famulus. Here’s an example (starting with a clean Famulus store):


Building an MGrammar-based application for Famulus

At the 2008 Microsoft eScience Workshop, Alex Wade and I presented a tutorial on Famulus. The video recording is not yet online but you can download the slides. The tutorial was mostly filled with demos so you should check out the recording when it becomes available.


PDC 08: Day 3 Highlights

Here are some of my highlights of PDC 08 – Day 3

  • I missed the Rick Rasid’s keynote because my early-morning Chem4Word teleconference overrun but it was important.
  • I attended the Windows 7 context-aware API talk, which was interesting. The accelerometer-based demo at the end was fun.
  • Lots of socializing