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Cortana, I am back!

I had a great time at Facebook. I learned a lot, wrote lots of code, and worked on conversational understanding technologies. I can’t wait to see what the team will do next.

Facebook is a unique organization, with an extraordinary culture. The engineering infrastructure is unbelievable and it enables developers …

ReactGraph – Part 1: Graphs and Reactive Computing – Historical Context

Over the last few weeks, as a spare time side project, I’ve been experimenting with a concept that has been circulating in my head for few years now. I’ve been trying to form an opinion, by writing code, around questions such as…

  • What does a graph store with both “pull”

My Cortana Interests on

Isn’t this beautiful? I am not talking about the photo, which is gorgeous. I am referring to my Cortana interests (weather, stocks, news) that appear at the bottom of the homepage.

We know what the user cares about so we surface it to their screen. Of course users have …


You might have heard the news about Cortana, Microsoft’s entry in the personal assistant space. I am very excited to see Cortana out there, even in her current “beta” state.

The most personal smartphone assistant
(Windows Phone 8.1 features)

I have been involved, as the Architect of the …