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Glastonbury 2013

Another year, another great Glastonbury. It’s already been a month since our trip to the UK for the annual Glastonbury festival, so this is post is long due. Better late than ever I guess :-)

As every year, it was an amazing just being there. The great music, art, …

Glastonbury 2011

Another year, another Glastonbury!!! And as always, it didn’t disappoint. This year it was a different experience for me but it was still a lot of fun! :-) It was the first Glastonbury since 2004 that I didn’t experience on my own. Mary was with me, which meant that …

The “No Pants Light Rail Ride” event

Last Sunday, Michele, Dave, and I participated in the “No Pants Light Rail Ride” event. Similar events take place in major US cities every year. This one was the first one in Seattle.

It was an absolute blast. We had such a good time! Just looking at the

“Small Pleasures”

Last February, I linked to a video, which I thought was very powerful, from Konstantinos Pilavios. Here’s another one called “Small Pleasures” (make sure you watch it all the way to the end).

(thanks to Ioannis Kavouras

Art and dance

Amongst the videos I was sent today, these two really stand out, for different reasons.

The first one is beautiful and moving. Kseniya Simonova, a sand artist from Ukraine, participated in a talent show on TV and won. Apparently she joined the competition because she wanted to help