10 years at Microsoft

Microsoft Human Resources just sent me a note to tell me that I reached 10y with the company!!! It only feels like it was last year that I joined :)

Side note for the non-Microsofties… The company counts the total number of years of service since joining, minus any “sabbatical” at another company.

I joined back in 2005. I left academia, made a huge change in my personal life, came to a new country, made new friends, and created a new home with an amazing partner. It’s been rewarding in so many ways.

I love working on tech. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by awesome people. I feel that I learn something new every day. Here’s to another 10y of building awesome stuff for our users around the world!

Just bought a pound of M&Ms for every year, as per Microsoft tradition. Drop by my office to say hi.