Application protocol over a WebSocket?

While working on a demonstrator app for the Reactive + Graph system I’ve been building in my spare time, I found myself wanting to implement a RESTful app protocol on top of WebSockets for in-browser app <-> service communication. I actually searched for “HTTP over WebSockets” but couldn’t find anything promising.

Does anyone know of anything in this space?

The idea is to use one-way messaging as the foundation and build request-response pattern on top. This way I can implement a “subscribe” operation which is necessary for streaming of messages from the service to the browser (and the other way around at some point :-)

My head got filled up with memories of all the discussions around SOAP/REST and Jim’s and my work on MEST and SSDL (cached version of the original site which is no longer on the web) from more than 10 years ago. Fun times.

Update: I should really be looking at an implementation of HTTP/2 since it has everything I need… single connection, one-way messaging, push from the server, and the familiar verbs/resource-oriented nature of HTTP over the same single connection.