Glastonbury 2013

Another year, another great Glastonbury. It’s already been a month since our trip to the UK for the annual Glastonbury festival, so this is post is long due. Better late than ever I guess :-)

As every year, it was an amazing just being there. The great music, art, performances were added bonus!

Before the festival, I spent some time with Jim and the rest of the Webber family. Mary and I also had the chance to see “The Book of Mormon”. Very funny! :-)

I think the festival’s highlight was The Rolling Stones. Wow! They did an amazing job despite their age. We also enjoyed The Lumineers very much. The entire lineup was great, as always.

Unlike last time, no mud this year during Fri, Sat, and Sun. This made it easier to navigate the crowds throughout the festival crowds. Using Mary’s fitbit, we calculated that we were walking 15mi per day. And we still didn’t see everything.

Here are some representative moments.




WP_20130629_002 IMG_6718 IMG_6711 IMG_6728 IMG_6736 IMG_6762 IMG_6740 IMG_6699 IMG_6781 IMG_6700 IMG_6789 IMG_6792


Mary and Savas…

IMG_1274 WP_20130628_011 (1) IMG_1313


Carole Goble and David De Roure… always great seeing them and spending time with them…

IMG_6730 IMG_6731



IMG_1281 IMG_1285


Random photographs from around the festival…

IMG_1297 IMG_1307  IMG_1318 IMG_6702 IMG_6705 IMG_6712 IMG_6741 IMG_6746 IMG_6749 IMG_6753 IMG_6755  IMG_6765 IMG_6766 IMG_6790 IMG_6795 IMG_6800 IMG_6801


See you next year Glastonbury!