QCon London 2013 – “A Platform for All That We Know”

A couple of weeks ago I attended QCon London 2013* where I had the pleasure of giving a version of my “A Platform for All That We Know” talk. I had to keep the talk on the abstract side since Qi Lu, our president, hadn’t yet talked about the “Bing Information Platform”.


My very good friend Jim Webber, Chief Scientist of Neo Technology, gave a great talk on “A little graph theory for the busy developer”. Jim’s presentation style is really out there: highly entertaining, interesting, and with substance. The room was PACKED. He has quite the following. I am so proud of him :-) He showed me the electronic feedback he received from the attendees immediately after the talk (a nice feature of QCon conferences). He got top marks from everyone. The talk will be available for everyone to watch in few months.

During his talk, Jim had some fun with the fact I work for Microsoft :-) He even used the Bing Is Not Google (BING) joke :-) I love him, so I don’t hold it against him. It’s all good fun :-) He also mentioned that I am an advocate of hypergraphs for graph stores, which is not the case. Since this relates to graph store design, I thought of sharing my thoughts on the subject. This short post sets the context :-)

BTW… I made my slides available for download (PDF). The video of the talk will be available in few months on the QCon site.


* It was great hanging out with Web geek friends. Also, Barbara Liskov’s keynote on “The power of Abstraction” was awesome.