wocket is ready for beta testing

As I mentioned few weeks ago, I’ve been working on a side project in my free time. After transitioning from the iPad to Surface, I was missing a Pocket client for Windows 8, so I decided to write one. The application is almost ready for beta testing. If you are interested in helping with ironing out bugs, please drop me a line (requirement: Pocket account, Windows 8 x86/x64/ARM, desktop, laptop, or tablet). The application currently supports:

  • synchronization with your Pocket collection for offline reading;
  • archiving of articles;
  • video/image browsing;
  • operations against your collection (add/archive/favorite) while you are offline; and
  • addition to your Pocket collection from any Windows 8 application through the “share” charm (last screenshot).

After the initial feedback, I am going to do some work on the UI/design. I would especially like to have the front page look more like a newspaper (e.g. the News Windows 8 app). Design-wise, there is more work to be done but I am interested in testing the main functionality for now.

image image image image image image

And since I know that some will ask… No, this is not the idea on which I’ve been working for more than 2 years in my limited free time. That one is still in progress. We are currently setting up the company and finalizing the team.


Update Jan 12, 2013: Wocket is now available for download from the Windows Store.