wocket – a side project

As I mentioned in the past, I am an information junkie. I go through the week collecting articles that I read when I get some free time, in between social commitments, exciting work at Microsoft, startup, concerts, etc. One of the services that I use a lot is Pocket (previously known as “Read It Later”). On my iPad, I used Reeder to go through technology blogs, adding to “read it later” services those articles that I wanted to read, comment, share with others.

wocketSharing with Pocket is a functionality that I miss on Windows 8 apps, especially when using my Surface. So, I decided to write my first feature-complete Windows 8 application. “Wocket” was born.

The nice folks at Pocket have given me full access to their API. I am going to write more about “wocket” once I make it available for everyone through the Windows Store. In the meantime, check out a couple of screenshots below (I am currently working on the UX so what you see are not the final pages). I spent a lot of time on the speed of the app by making sure all articles and content is synchronized with Pocket and cached locally.

Through “wocket” I managed to learn many things about WinRT development. I am hoping to reuse this knowledge as I embark in the final stages of my startup idea (taking a week off at the beginning of Dec to concentrate on coding). Also, I have a dream that even if “wocket” gives me few 10s of dollars, I can say that I directed the money towards the bigger project :-, on which I have already invested >$15K :-(

wocket mainscreen

wocket article view