My new challenge in Microsoft

Over the last three months I’ve been having an incredible time at work. I opted not to talk about it because I wanted to make sure that it sticks this time :-) Before my current role, I participated in great startup efforts within Microsoft, projects with great vision and immense possibilities. We’ve learnt a lot from the incubation efforts and we’ve even shipped stuff. Sometimes it was frustrating too. It happens :-)

As I mentioned in my post on “Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in 2012“, I am now following my dream to work with knowledge at scale. I am part of a team of brilliantly talented and passionate people whom I am honored to have as colleagues. The expertise and the quality of the people, from the leadership to all the engineers, designers, business folks makes my day-to-day work a lot of fun. The organization is highly committed and the huge investment shows it. Expect to see many great things.

I am excited! :-)

Why all the above now?… That’s the topic of the next post that is coming up.


BTW… My huge thanks go to Steve Macbeth for his leadership style and the trust he’s shown in me in the first few months in the new org!