Come work for our team!!!

In my previous post I shared my excitement about my new role in Microsoft. I work together with some amazing people on hard problems, in a domain that really excites me: data, information, knowledge at scale. We now want to grow the team and so we want YOU! :-)

We are looking for good Developers and Program Managers. If you are passionate about shipping quality services, you need to talk to me. If you are interested in an environment that encourages small teams, agility, and frequent release cycles, you need to talk to me. If you want to have fun while doing very cool stuff and working with the coolest of future technologies and gadgets, you need to talk to me! If you are a scientist in the fields of Semantic Computing, Knowledge Representation & Reasoning, Artificial Intelligence, I am also interested in hearing from you. If you love graphs, do drop me a line.

You don’t have to have a background in knowledge representation. We have many problems to solve in all aspects of software engineering and computer science. Just be passionate about engineering excellence.

While I can’t talk about the specifics of what we are set out to do, I can given you few examples of some of our currently released projects… If you have an Xbox and use search (voice or not), you are already using one of my team’s features. If you are searching for apps on the Windows Phone or talking to it, you are consuming our services. If you are checking in to Facebook/Twitter directly through Windows Phone (not an app), you are our user :-) If you are using Bing Maps through your browser or through any embedded control, you have been exposed to our technology. If you are giving voice commands to your Windows Phone, you are experiencing our work.

The above are just very few examples of what my organization is doing. We are planning to do sooooo much more! I am excited! :-)

If you are interested in finding out more, drop me a line.