A crazy Savas trip :-)

When Lee Dirks asked me to represent the Microsoft Research Connections team at a Digital Public Library of America meeting at Harvard Law School in Boston, I immediately checked my calendar. The DPLA folks are starting a wonderful new journey of defining a platform for digital libraries so they needed input from industry Software Architects.

This is Tony Hey‘s group so I am always wiling to help if I can. Also, Lee is such a great guy so it’s difficult for me to say “no” :-) I checked my work calendar to make sure that I didn’t have any meetings before committing to the trip. Then the following two occurred:

  • I changed roles within Microsoft (yes, again! :-)*. My new boss was more than happy for me to help out MSR, so all was good.
  • I checked my personal calendar and realized that I had bought tickets for the Winter Warmth concert with Florence and the Machine on the night I was supposed to fly to Boston :-( I was really looking forward to seeing them live again but I couldn’t let Lee down. So what is a concert-going geek like me to do?

I knew I was going to be already pumped by the “Deck the Hall Ball 2011” the night before so I had to figure something out :-)

I now find myself at the Logan International Airport in Boston, Saturday 6am, waiting for a flight to San Diego. I got tickets for the “91X Wrex the Halls” festival over there. Oh, it’s going to be awesome.

My Wed-Sun schedule:

Next time I will try to cover all four corners of the US! Now I am looking for the right place to make a donation in order to offset the resulting carbon footprint for this trip.


Crazy eh? I love it! :-)


* I am super super excited about the new role but I am not going to say anything else until the new effort sticks and delivers to its huge potential. Given Microsoft’s investment and the caliber of people involved, I am extremely optimistic :-) I am having a blast so far!