Glastonbury 2011

Another year, another Glastonbury!!! And as always, it didn’t disappoint. This year it was a different experience for me but it was still a lot of fun! :-) It was the first Glastonbury since 2004 that I didn’t experience on my own. Mary was with me, which meant that camping with a small tent, no showering for 5 days, and toilets shared with other 200,000 people were not even considered as options :-) But first things first.

We arrived in London in order to spend two nights at Jim‘s place with him and his wife. Due to a miscommunication though, he was expecting us the week after Glastonbury so he ended up being at the Neo offices in Sweden while we spent time with his better half :-) Thanks K! We did end up seeing Jim and K for drinks when we got back from Glastonbury. It’s always a pleasure hanging out with my mate!

We took the bus to Glastonbury. As we were approaching, we started noticing the effects of the rain from the previous days. It was going to be another wet one!

WP_000208 WP_000211 WP_000184
Arriving at the Glastonbury site, thinking while playing Scramble (but still losing badly :-), waiting to be picked up.

So… We stayed at a yurt. I was very skeptical at the beginning but, I must admit, that it was much better than camping. It was spacious, clean, and we had to share a toilet only with another couple. That made Mary happy, which meant I was happy too :-)

IMG_5460 IMG_5462 IMG_5467 WP_000218
The yurt (inside, outside, and with its own toilet).

The site even had its own chill-out bar, which was another yurt, larger of course.

Panorama 2
The yurt chill-out bar… substantial amounts of alcohol was consumed here :-)

Yes, Glastonbury was muddy again, especially on Friday and Saturday. Really muddy! Not as bad as the 2007 one but still bad enough so that Mary was often seen making expressions like these:

IMG_5512 IMG_5586 IMG_5539IMG_5588 IMG_5526 WP_000190 WP_000191 IMG_5522
There was a LOT of mud! Usually these fields are covered with grass but we could only see mud :-(

This Glastonbury festival was all about exploring the site. I wanted Mary to get a feel of the arts, of the vibe, of everything that was happening. So we walked a lot, we went to different tents for comedy, dance, poetry, random performances. I think Mary really enjoyed the modern dance performances we saw. There is always something for everyone.

IMG_5472 IMG_5484 IMG_5505 IMG_5568 IMG_5577 IMG_5531
Performances at various stages/tents… Random drums, young kids doing circus (they were great), weird trio performing Mozart and Vivaldi, the Black Eagles were great as always, the theater/dance/acrobatics group Mimbre was amazing, drinks at the “Fluffy Rock Caf ” :-)

And of course there were the random “street” performers and acts.

IMG_5502 IMG_5521 IMG_5592IMG_5595 IMG_5603 IMG_5771
A very small sample of the random “street” acts. Of note is the twister game, apparently only a small portion of the larger board that was deployed the previous day.

We also experienced the food at the various stands with various degrees of success, at least for Mary.

IMG_5487 IMG_5488 IMG_5489 IMG_5490 IMG_5491

Mary enjoying a Mediterranean wrap, which of course was my choice but since she didn’t like hers… :-)

The yurt company also provided breakfast and dinner, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Saturday’s pork roast… mmm!

Of course, it wouldn’t be Glastonbury without good music. This time I stayed away from the mosh pit (as I said, a different Glastonbury experience :-) It was still a lot of fun! We saw U2 in the rain, Coldplay, Elbow (they were fantastic!!!), Paul Simon, Dan McLean, Queens of the Stone Age, and more. Not so many bands as other times.

IMG_5552 IMG_5647 IMG_5648 IMG_5662 IMG_5732 IMG_5750 IMG_5754

“Pyramid” and “Other Stage” stages.

When the sun came out on Sunday, Glastonbury felt completely different. The paths dried out making it much easier to move around.

IMG_5675 IMG_5678 IMG_5719 WP_000220 Panorama 1 (1280x446)

Sunday was a gorgeous day. We even met with Carole Goble and Dave De Roure, my usual partners in crime at each Glastonbury.

Mary was a great sport. It was her first festival experience of such scale and in such conditions but she handled it great. I was very proud of her :-) Not every moment was filled with smiles but we both managed to maintain our cool and make Glastonbury a really memorable experience.

IMG_5496 IMG_5468 IMG_5530 IMG_5557 IMG_5600 IMG_5611   IMG_5642 IMG_5682
Mary at Glastonbury


And then it was time to go…

WP_000269 WP_000198 WP_000210
The aftermath at the Pyramid stage (so much rubbish :-(. Mary was exhausted as we waited for the bus. She was full of energy the following day, discovering how addictive Angry Birds can be on the iPad during our flight back to Seattle.


Definitely another memorable Glastonbury. Too bad there isn’t going to be one next year. We are going to be there in 2013 though!!!

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