Zentity v2.0

Ahhhh! One of my “children” is growing up and maturing!

imageI am so proud of the team over at Microsoft’s External Research. They have done an amazing job with Zentity. The new version packs a great set of cool new features, building on the extensible nature of the graph store which is at its heart. I know that they put a lot of emphasis on making the tasks of navigating and visualizing through the information in the graph store very easy by incorporating other Microsoft technologies.

Well done to the team and special congratulations to Oscar Naim who lead the v2.0 effort. The other usual suspects are Lee Dirks, Alex Wade, and Derick Campbell of course.

Check out the new set of features:

  • New services (i.e. Pivot Collection Service and Zentity Data Service)
  • New client applications:
    • Pivot Viewer and ODATA Viewer, in collaboration with Microsoft Live Labs
    • Visual Explorer, in collaboration with MSR Asia
    • PowerShell admin console
  • .NET 4.0 support
  • ODATA support
  • Data model agnostic
  • Multi-tier application support
  • Zentity SDK
  • Improved deployment experience

There is also an introductory video featuring Oscar :-) And the code project site is coming soon! I know we promised to open source Zentity long time ago but but despite Alex’s great efforts, we’ve been hitting one obstacle after the other. The source code is definitely coming though.

Zentity v2.0 download