You are one (or more :-) tweets away from a free eBook of “REST in Practice”

As we announced last week, we are going to be giving away free copies of “REST in Practice” as a way of celebrating its September 24th release. After this post, every entry in the #RESTinPractice tweet stream will be saved for a period of few weeks. Every 3-4 days we’ll be drawing a random tweet entry for one of the free 10 eBooks.* We’ll be announcing the winner through the same tweet stream, including their twitter handle of course.

All you have to do is help spread the word about “REST in Practice” by (re-)tweeting the link to the book’s Amazon page and/or Of course, you have to include the #RESTinPractice twitter tag so that you enter the draw. Here’s a suggestion but feel free to improvise/be more creative:

Looking fwd to reading “REST in Practice”: Find it at Amazon: #RESTinPractice

You can enter the draw more than once in order to increase your chances (but not more than once per day please). If your twitter handle is jimwebber, iansrobinson, or savasp your tweets won’t be considered for the draw :-))) Please note that your twitter stream must be public for your entry to appear in the#RESTinPractice stream.

Good luck everyone and let us know what you think!!!


* We decided to make all eBooks available for the Twitter draw. As it was pointed out to us, one needed to have purchased and read the book before sending a quote for the book’s guestbook and then entering the draw for one of the free eBook copies :-)