Wishful thinking…

Few interesting things happened today:

  • I received my copy of “REST in Practice“. It wasn’t as a big moment as when my PhD thesis was printed (despite Jim‘s attempts to stress me out at the final moment with his “tick tock tick” soundtrack) but it was still quite a significant one. It felt great to finally see the end result of our work that spanned 3 years.
  • I talked to someone in Microsoft that I greatly respect and admire. I was very much encouraged by his reaction to my ideas, thinking, and approach/plans for the future.
  • I stopped for Chinese food on the way to pick up friends from the airport. Fortune cookie: “Fame and fortune is coming your way” :-) I don’t believe in fortune cookies but this particular one nicely matched my wishful thinking, especially when combined with the discussions of the day :-)

Now back to the real world!

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