“REST in Practice” at a University near you and some fun

A couple of days ago, O’Reilly sent “REST in Practice” to the (e-)printers*. It was a great milestone for Jim, Ian, and me; the end of a long road. The target date for the book’s release date is September 24th (yes, of this year :-)

image image

a sample from the slidedeck, as discussed in “REST in Practice… meet the authors” :-)

Over the last couple of years, Ian and Jim have been very busy going around conferences and giving talks that were related to the book’s topic. In fact, their slideware heavily drew from the content and structure of “REST in Practice”. They did an excellent job at aggregating their work into a single story that can be used as the basis of an entire University course. In fact, we’ve already been approached by few professors who expressed their interest in doing just that. In fact, we are aware of one instance where the book has been added as the recommended textboox even before its release :-) We are very honored and we are going to do our best to support the academic community. As an indication of our willingness to help, we are making available the entire set of “REST in Practice” slides to any academic who would like to make use of it (trust me, it’s a substantial set).

Jim has already written a similar post with more details. Please feel free to contact me, Jim, or Ian, in order to get free access to the material. We only ask that you consider adding “REST in Practice” as one of the recommended texts for the course you are running.


And now for something completely different** :-)

As many of you might already know, we were very lucky to have had many eyes looking over our shoulders as were putting the book together. Our wonderful reviewers gave us a lot of feedback. There were others who gave us invaluable advice throughout the years. We thank everyone!

Well, we asked some of them for quotes that we could perhaps include in the back cover of our book. Here’s what they had to say:

“I laughed, I cried. Better than Cats!”

“Finally! Nobody would have believed it, but they’ve actually finished the damn thing!”

“Bloody REST-afarian SOAP-dodging hippies!”

“This is what Tim Bray must have meant when he wrote about ‘diving into hypertext casuistry'”

:-))) (of course, we got some quotes we could actually use :-)

I am not going to reveal the people behind these quotes. However, they will appear soon on the book’s website. I strongly encourage you to send us your feedback and a quote (hopefully a nice one but we accept all types :-) once you’ve read the book.



* Yes, we were told that eBook versions of the book will also be available.

** It’s a Monty Python reference :-)