How to get a free copy of “REST in Practice”

With the release of “REST in Practice” only a couple of weeks away, we asked O’Reilly to let us give few copies away :-) We just love giving things away :-)

So, here’s what to expect:

  • Jim and Ian are always busy with traveling around the globe talking about REST, enterprise integration, SOA, Web Services, and so on. So, we thought of making their traveling more difficult by giving them 2 printed copies of “REST in Practice” to carry :-) Make sure you follow their blogs and twitter streams for announcements on where they are going to be next. Starting from October, they will be making sure that they don’t have to return back to their bases with the books in their hands. So, attend their talks for a chance to get one of the copies.
  • We will soon announce a draw for eBook copies. We will ask people to tweet a link to Amazon’s page of “REST in Practice” together with the #RESTinPractice tag. We will be giving away 2 eBooks per week for 4 weeks by randomly selecting an entry from the #RESTinPractice twitter stream. We’ll advise you on the start date of the draw.*
  • Once you get the chance to read “REST in Practice”, we will ask you to send us your thoughts (good or bad). Your name will be automatically entered into a list. We are going to draw 2 names over a period of few weeks or months. The winners will receive a free eBook copy. Your thoughts will also make it to our guest book.


* Of course, feel free to start twitting about the book now :-) We know that you’d be more than happy to tweet again when the time comes :-)