“Breaking the code”

I love going to the theatre and I try to go often. Earlier tonight I saw a play that I particularly enjoyed.

I went to see “Breaking the code“, a play by Hugh Whitemore about Alan Turing. I loved the script and the local production in one of Seattle’s many small theaters, the Erickson.

How can a geek like me not enjoy all the references to the beginnings of the digital computer, the foundations of computer science? There was discussion of Russell’s teachings and his foundational work with Principia Mathematica, Einstein’s theories, Wittgenstein’s ideas and his interactions with Turing, and of course Turing’s ideas about computing, mechanical brains, and artificial intelligence.

The computing/mathematical concepts were represented extremely well through the script. However, the portrayal of the idiosyncratic attributes of Alan Turing’s personality seemed to always be in focus, and rightly so. I am really glad there was major emphasis on the mistreatment of Alan Turing by the British state due to his sexuality. In case you haven’t heard, the British government offered an official apology just last year.

Well done to the entire crew and thanks to Mary for the ticket :-)

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