REST in Practice… meet the authors

My “REST in Practice” co-authors, Jim and Ian, have been doing an amazing job at creating presentation/courseware material for the book. It’s really humble to experience the kind of interest we’ve had so far from academics, even before the book is published, based on the presentation material that we have made available.

Now that a complete first draft of the book is done,* I thought of sharing something funny from Ian’s presentations. As he gives many invited talks on all things related to the Web, he talks about our ideas and the work that we’ve been doing for the book. He, of course, cites us all as co-authors. Last time I was in London at Jim’s place, where we all got together to chat and co-ordinate, he showed me the slides that he’s been using. I thought they were hilarious, so I asked for his permission to blog about them :-)

image image

BTW… all presentations, courseware material, code, and much more will be available through the book’s Web site soon.


* Finally! Checkout my previous entry for more information regarding the completion of the first draft of the book: “REST in Practice in editing/review/correction state and available on Amazon”.