Coachella 2010 and Santa Monica visit

It’s been two weeks since Coachella 2010 but I only now got the chance to blog about the experience. Work and the focus on finishing “REST in Practice” have kept me really busy.

The Coachella festival is definitely not Glastonbury, not even close! It occupies a very small space and the few stages are very close to each other. However, its location (in the desert :-) means that the weather is in most likelihood warm/hot. It was a great experience music-ways. The bands were great.

Here’s the list of bands I saw.

  • Friday

  • Saturday

    • Porcupine Tree. Pleasantly surprised.
    • Camera Obscura
    • The Temper Trap
    • Gossip. I had seen them in Glastonbury as well. Still amazing and sooooo much energy!!! A LOT of fun.
    • The xx. Only briefly and not very impressed. I know my friend Michele Myers likes them so I want to give them another chance at their own concert.
    • Faith No More. Well… perhaps “legends” is too strong but they were definitely awesome and fun… I was right in front, almost touching them.
    • Muse. No doubt the world’s best band at the moment for me. Mary and I saw them live in Seattle and I had also seen them in Dec. They followed Faith No More so my guest and I were again right there, in the very front. Unfortunately, I didn’t follow my usual pattern of avoiding the hotheads so we were squeezed. The effort took some of the enjoyment but Muse were still awesome.
    • Tiesto. Great to see 10s of thousands of youngsters raving in front of the main stage at the end of the night.
  • Sunday. Weird day because I didn’t enjoy it as much. Long story, related to my guest. I stayed away from the front of the stages :-( Oh well. Good lesson though.

    • Florence & the Machine. As always, great! Second time I see the band, after Glastonbury.
    • Jonsi. I had really enjoyed Sigur R s when they visited Seattle (saw them together with my friends Tini and Nuno). He was good on his own too.
    • Phoenix. I enjoyed them the last two times I saw them but I thought they were particularly good on this occasion. Their lights guy didn’t make it from France due to the volcanic ashes, so their stage performance was unique, focusing on just the music. I really enjoyed that.
    • Gorillaz. Well… I was really really looking forward to seeing them. Too bad I was far away. Nevertheless, I enjoyed them very much so. They are great!

I think I am going to be there next year as well :-)

During the festival, Mary joined us as well. We all headed towards the Pacific ocean and spent two relaxing days at Santa Monica, cycling and running on the beach, dinning, and just chilling out :-) I hear that David Heckerman has his lab there. Something to think about :-)

The photos

Here are some representative photos from the weekend and the trip to Santa Monica.

Coachella Panorama

IMG_3443 IMG_3451 IMG_3459
(Isn’t it crazy that you have to be behind a fence in order to drink alcohol?)

IMG_3460 IMG_3466 IMG_3493
IMG_3517 IMG_3538 IMG_3564
IMG_3565 IMG_3566 IMG_3567
IMG_3573 IMG_3586 IMG_3597
(yes, there was a fire on the roof of the main stage for a while)

IMG_3616 IMG_3615 IMG_3619
IMG_3632 IMG_3635 IMG_3637

IMG_3641 IMG_3652