Word add-in for Ontology Recognition

I have written about the Word add-in for Ontology Recognition (the focus of the BioLit project) in the past. The project was also mentioned in my contribution to the Fourth Paradigm book and our “A  smart’ cyberinfrastructure for Research” article. It was one of the projects in which I was actively involved while in Microsoft Research, together with Lee Dirks, Alex Wade, and Pablo Fernicola (who took over on the technical side and did a remarkable job).

I think the project was a great success. It was lead by Phil Bourne and Lynn Fink. Lynn did an absolutely amazing job at shaping and managing the project and it was a pleasure working with her.

The work is now reported at the BMC Bioinformatics journal: “Word add-in for ontology recognition: semantic enrichment of scientific literature”. The paper is already marked as “highly accessed”, which is great to see.

Great work everyone!