Choo Choo train in downtown Seattle

Remember the “No pants light rail ride“? This time we did a “Choo Choo train” in downtown Seattle :-) Like before, it was organized by the “Emerald City Improv“. That was last Sunday and it was soooo much fun. There were so many surprised and/or laughing faces of people as the train was going around. It was great! :-)

A funny moment (at least I thought it was funny at the time), when Gina and Eric were running around the streets to catch the train :-) They were late and the Choo Choo train had already departed so I was texting them with the location and they were trying to come find it. But then our “driver” would take a sudden turns… :-)




Yes, we even had our own live “rail-cross bar” doing “din din din” noises :-)

Here’s an article and photos about the event from Seattle’s PI: “Did you catch the  choo-choo train’ in downtown Seattle?

Picture Picture Picture
(source:Seattle PI blogs)