My “Olympic” Vancouver weekend

It’s been some time since my last “travel” blog entry. I still plan to write about the fun/skiing week in Italy but I am not finding the free time to finish the video I am editing :-(

Last weekend, I rode my motorbike to Vancouver to experience some of the Olympic Games vide, hang out with my friends there, and attend one of the events. It was a fantastic experience.

The weather throughout the weekend was amazing. I took the scenic way up to Vancouver, enjoying the sun, the wind on the motorbike, and the landscape. Highway 11 in particular, along the Pacific Ocean coast and just before Bellingham was gorgeous.


After a long wait at the border, I went straight to a small park to meet my friend Colette, who was there proof-reading her PhD thesis. Since my visit, she’s submitted it!!!!!! I am sooooo happy for her. Such a huge milestone in her life. Well done my Coco!

Then, out and about in Vancouver, absorbing the vibe. Soooooooooo many people!

I met my friends Theoni and Simran. A great surprise was that Angela (Theoni’s and Dennis’ mom) was there too. It was soooo nice to see her again. More people joined and we ended up at an Irish bar for drinks, live music, and Olympic games on large screens :-)



After sleeping for 4 hours or so, we woke up early to get the buses to Cypress mountain. I was very lucky to have found a ticket for the same event as Theoni and Simran, even though we had to take different buses, at 5-6am. The stand for the spectators they had built was a really impressive structure.


The sun came out and the fun begun!


Panorama 2



The event was ski cross, a first time for the Winter Olympic games. It was very very exciting to watch.


If you watched the coverage, you might have spotted me taking a photograph of the camera looking straight at me :-)



I was really impressed with Chris Del Bosco, the skier competing for Canada. Unfortunately, he came forth overall, after crashing from 3rd position at the final corner jump. I only found out about his story afterwards. It’s amazing how he turned his life around.

At the end, he came up to the stand. Everyone was hugging me and congratulating for his efforts. He was pleasant and was talking to everyone, giving autographs. I really like personalities like his. He’s definitely a winner in my eyes!

Since Theoni and Simran were very shy, I went and talked to him, congratulated him, and asked for the photograph :-)



On the way back, I decided to get Highway 11 again. It was getting dark so I thought it’d be an excellent opportunity for some sunset shots. I was not disappointed. The ride was great and the scenery was amazing.

Panorama 1


Great weekend!