Tony Hey is BLOGGING (finally!!! :-)

It’s been long time in the making but, finally, Tony is blogging :-) In fact, it seems that the entire External Research team might be posting through the same blog. Definitely worth following! And no, I am not just saying this because it’s my previous team and I really like everyone over there :-)

External Research blog

The inspiration behind this blog is a strong desire to foster connections that lead to meaningful breakthroughs; to engage in ongoing dialog in an open forum; to discuss and debate the information and ideas critical to harnessing the power of science and technology to address the most urgent global challenges.

Every day, I have the privilege of witnessing the wonder of discovery, regardless of where it takes place, or whether it’s undertaken by academic researchers and scientists around the world or within Microsoft External Research. For those of us at Microsoft External Research, the opportunity to collaborate with the finest and researchers and scientists working across the globe today is the core of everything we do.

This blog is being launched at a critical juncture in the research field. Over the next decade, it’s predicted that more scientific data will be accumulated than has been collected thus far in all of human history. For every member of the global research community, that fact represents a serious responsibility. Given the richness of available resources, it’s important to make the most of that data by sharing not only ideas but inspiration as well, and to challenge one another to contribute the best work possible to the global, virtual collective of dedicated research and technology professionals. The work being undertaken by the global research community is significant: the impact of the research being done throughout the community extends far beyond today. And, by collaborating in order to share the best work, the pursuits will benefit generations to come.

Please, let us know what’s on your mind. Let us know what’s important to you and how the research community can make a meaningful contribution to your work. On behalf of all of us at Microsoft External Research, we look forward to the conversation.

Tony Hey, Corporate Vice President

Microsoft External Research

(source: Welcome to the Microsoft External Research blog)