“REST in Practice” on Facebook

Our upcoming book (tentative title: “REST in Practice”) has a Facebook page, so go become a fan. We are going to start posting news/updates about the book soon. You’ll also be able to ask questions, monitor our progress, and give us feedback. However, if you are not a Facebook fan, you can always contact us directly:

Savas Parastatidis: Web, Facebook, Twitter, email

Jim Webber: Web, Facebook, Twitter, email

Ian Robinson: Web, Twitter

We are also considering launching the “restbucks.com” Web site.* “Restbucks” is a coffee shop. It is used throughout the book as an example of how Web technologies could be used to build Web-based services solutions (inside and outside of an organization), apply hypermedia in the implementation of business processes and documents, address scalability and fault tolerance issues through caching, utilize Atom and Atom Pub, etc.

We are very excited about the book and we are making our best to bring it to your hands as soon as possible. We are also thrilled to see our work already influencing the thinking behind efforts like Restfulie.


* We need to check with a lawyer first for obvious reasons :-)