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January 2010

The “No Pants Light Rail Ride” event

Last Sunday, Michele, Dave, and I participated in the “No Pants Light Rail Ride” event. Similar events take place in major US cities every year. This one was the first one in Seattle.

It was an absolute blast. We had such a good time! Just looking at the

“Small Pleasures”

Last February, I linked to a video, which I thought was very powerful, from Konstantinos Pilavios. Here’s another one called “Small Pleasures” (make sure you watch it all the way to the end).

(thanks to Ioannis Kavouras

“REST in Practice” on Facebook

Our upcoming book (tentative title: “REST in Practice”) has a Facebook page, so go become a fan. We are going to start posting news/updates about the book soon. You’ll also be able to ask questions, monitor our progress, and give us feedback. However, if you are not a