Weekend at Whistler/Blackcomb

The skiing season has started really strong. After the great snow at Crystal Mountain few weeks ago, I went to Whistler for the weekend with Tini and Nuno. We also met my very good friends (and usual skiing buddies when I go to Whistler… they practically live there in the winter :-) Theoni and Simran. Simran (yes, I still owe him $5 for taking his top off in the snow at the end of last season) is an amazing skier! I think I just had a breakthrough in my overall slalom style when coming down black diamonds as a result of a tip he gave me.

The first day was absolutely amazing. Great snow and great weather. The second day was wet :-( It rained so we didn’t ski all that much but we still had fun chatting.

Tini, Nuno, and I also explored a couple of bars. It wasn’t as busy as usual but I guess it’s only the start of the season.



Simran and Theoni at the top of Blackcomb.


With Nuno at the top of Blackcomb.

IMG_2582 IMG_2590 IMG_2595

Following Nuno with my camera as he was skiing down. Then up the mountain again.

Blackcomb panorama

It was a gorgeous day (the back of the Blackcomb mountain)

IMG_2630 IMG_2634
Blackcomb panorama 2
Before the last run of the day (facing towards the village).

IMG_2637 IMG_2652 IMG_2649
IMG_2656IMG_2657 IMG_2655
IMG_2660 IMG_0430
Out and about at Whistler village. We HAD to go to the Longhorn saloon since Tini was part of the marketing team of the Windows version with that codename :-) I am not going to say what I am doing with the melted chocolate and the spoon :-)

And here’s a video of me skiing down with my iPhone in my hands (and yes, falling after hitting Nuno’s skis :-) There is another good clip but I do not have permission from Tini to post it :-))) This was taken on Sunday, so visibility and conditions were not great :-(