Long weekend in London

I realized today that I didn’t write* about my long weekend in London over Thanksgiving (Nov. 26 – Dec 1), which was absolutely amazing! It was a very last minute thing but it turned out to be great, as it is usually the case. I had such a beautiful time.

I spent some time with my friend Renata, drunk few beers with Meropi and her friends, and briefly saw Paul Watson together with Jim for lunch. I stayed one night with the two Dr. Webbers at their place, which was absolutely great. We had a great Indian dinner and few drinks. I miss hanging out with my pal Jim :-( Ian Robinson also dropped by and we chatted about the book (on which I am working at the moment) and just hang out. It was great seeing him!

I enjoyed the main part of the weekend with Natasa, who traveled from Greece. We walked a lot, went to a great Mexican place (keep forgetting its name) with the two Webbers, Ronnie Scott‘s for an excellent Jazz night (Lucinda Belle was great and Soulive were amazing), saw Wicked (the musical), watched Disney’s Xmas Carole in 3D at the IMAX in London, went to see “The Habit of Art” at the National Theatre (it was absolutely amazing!!!), visited the Globe theater (where Shakespeare’s plays were performed), danced at the Fabric (enjoyed the dancing but the club was not great), tasted different ethnic food, drunk too much wine, and chatted a lot :-) I loved it!

It was a memorable weekend. One of those that makes me want move there. I keep having such weekends in London. Hmmm!!! Jim, will you twist my arm a bit more? :-)

Here are some photos…

IMG_2440 IMG_2435 IMG_2492 IMG_2515 IMG_2523 IMG_2532 IMG_2536 IMG_2501


* Sorry Lee… yet another travel trip report but not the one you wanted :-)