Interview with Guilherme Silveira, creator of Restfulie

Just read Guilherme‘s interview over at InfoQ about Restfulie. Nice read.

It’s great to see that our (upcoming) book is already helping people create Web applications and frameworks out there.

“Jim Webber, Savas Parastatidis and Ian Robinson will release a book on using the web as one’s infrastructure in early 2010 and after reading it I finally got to understand how hypermedia fit into the rest scene.”

Guilherme was very kind to give us credit but it’s his engineering effort and ideas that created a buzz and brought attention to Restfulie. Great great work!

I think that Restfulie beautifully captures the hypermedia concepts and helps developers build hypermedia applications.

I can’t wait for our book to become available (I’ve been working on a chapter most of the day today) so that more people can read about our take towards REST and hypermedia when building distributed applications. As everything else that we’ve done, I am expecting some controversy, which is good (TM) :-)

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