Another great day of skiing

Tini, Nuno, and I went to Stevens Pass today. It was a beautiful beautiful day. Blue sky and sunshine. The snow was not great. The runs were a bit icy but the beautiful day made up for it. No powder unfortunately :-(

Stevens Pass is not like Whistler for sure, not even close. However, it’s nearby (it took us 1h45m in the morning to get there). We also got a nice surprise when we found out that since we are Edge Card holders (for Whistler) we were entitled to a free Stevens Pass “Advantage Pass” (the equivalent of the Edge Card) at no cost. This saved us around $90 and we got to ski the entire day for free (the next time, the lift pass will be $10 cheaper). What a great surprise :-)

On the way back, we drove around 40mi towards Seattle only to find out that a bridge got damaged by a track. We had to drive all the way back, pass Leavenworth, on to Highway 97, and then I90. A 3 hour detour :-( I made sure that there was some excitement on the road by refusing to refuel at the various Shell stations on the way*, which meant that we almost run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. We were practically on fumes when we reached a gas station :-)



The usual panorama :-)

And here’s a video I made with various clips (using my iPhone) and photos from the day. Unfortunately, Facebook didn’t let me upload the version of the video with “Somebody Told Me” by The Killers as background music (due to copyright). It’s soooooooo much better that way!


* For a number of years I’ve been boycotting Shell stations after their exploits in Nigeria.