5mins with Michael Palin

I loved, of course, Michael Palin in all the Monty Python sketches and movies but I used to be soooo envious (and still am) of his travels for his documentary series. He’s been to 94 countries and not just touching down… he’s really visited and explored those countries.

BBC News has a 5-min interview with Michael Palin. I was smiling as he mentioned in this interview all the wonderful places in Peru that were also part of my month-long adventure back in 2001! What a wonderful experience that was :-)

If you haven’t watched his travel documentaries, I highly recommend them. If you haven’t watched any Monty Python, you are really missing out on some excellent comedy :-) (granted, it’s not to everyone’s taste :-)

This reminded me of John Cleese whom I had the fortune to see live here in Seattle few weeks ago. Time to watch “Life of Brian” or “The Holly Grail” again? :-)

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