Microsoft Biology Foundation (MBF)

I am really happy to see the MBF project being announced to the public. When Simon Mercer of External Research first told me about what he wanted to do (that was last year, when I was still working for External Research), I got very excited. I got to review his plans and became a big supporter of what he wanted to do.

I truly think that libraries like MBF are absolutely the right thing to do to help scientists in this field who need tools of great quality to support them in their research endeavors. Such tools need to integrate well with rapid prototyping environments, productivity applications, etc. Furthermore, these tools shouldn’t only be available for free to use in their binary form but they should also be released as open source so that the community can further extend and evolve them in order to meet their future needs.

The Microsoft Biology Foundation offers all of the above. I haven’t had the chance to use the libraries since I am not a biologist.

MSR‘s External Research is continuing to produce wonderful wonderful stuff!

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