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November 2009

Glastonbury in November (@glastofest)

Wow. I can’t believe Glastonbury looks like this. It’s sooo beautiful :-) Different type of beauty from when it’s packed with ~200k people at the end of June :-)

Compare the beautiful green landscape with the colorful sea of tends, stages, arts & crafts & food stands, and people.

My energy consumption in numbers

I really try my best to be good with the environment, as much as I can. Over the last couple of years I’ve been taking more active steps. It’s starting to pay off but there is much more to be done. Some simple and obvious solutions at home have

“Scholarly Communications” Group on Facebook and at the OCLC Mashathon event

Lee Dirks just created a “Scholarly Communications” group on Facebook. Most of my work while I was in Microsoft Research was associated/supported by Lee’s group. Lee and Alex Wade are doing an amazing job. They have so many ideas on how technologies could support the work

A weekend in New York

I spent last weekend in New York. I looooove this city. Every time I visit, I am falling more and more in love with it. I don’t know what’s ahead in my personal/professional life but after my current gig I would seriously consider a move there. We’ll see.