“Star Wars in concert” – It was excellent

I attended the “Star Wars in concert” show at the KeyArena earlier tonight. It was quite an experience! :-)

There was a large orchestra and symphony to play John William‘s compositions from the movie series. A huuuuge screen was playing snippets from the movies. Cameras were not allowed in so I was only able to get few shots with my iPhone.

IMG_0230 IMG_0240

A surprise for me (I just hadn’t checked the schedule or any other information about the show) was the fact that Anthony Daniels (the C-3PO of the Star Wars movies :-) was narrating the show in between compositions.

The music was beautiful. It was great to listen to these compositions live. I think I would have preferred it even more if the show took place in a concert hall, with much better acoustics, rather than an arena. The sound system was fantastic though so no harm done. The arena was packed.