Last two days of a wonderful short trip

It was a very short but, still, great trip to the UK and Greece.

The last day of my visit at my family home was relaxing… just spent time with everyone and met more friends. My sincere apologies to everyone I missed. My days were totally packed :-(

I’ve been saying “goodbye” to my family for 18-19 years now, since I first left to live on my own, but it never gets easier, especially after such a short stay :-(


My parents’ place where I grew up, their current dog called “mavroulis”, and my granddad, after whom I am named… yup… he’s a “Savas” :-)

I was looking forward to seeing Meropi again and, as always, I had a blast. Sooooo much energy, great smiles and ideas about life!!! I absolutely adore her and can’t wait to see her again.



On my last day I spent some more time with Despina, with whom I had an amazing time in Xanthi, and then my brother drove me to the airport. I am bringing back some very nice chocolate-based deserts (many of you have already tried them :-) If you see me in the first few days, remind me to give you one. I don’t think they are going to last long :-)

I am in London now, where I am staying for the night… I checked myself into a really really nice hotel at Russell Square :-) Too bad that Jim is away to India for work :-( I was hoping to meet with my friend Renata but also to catch a play. At the end, our schedules didn’t work so I ended up just going to a play. And what a decision that was!!! :-)

Since I had never seen the “Phantom of the Opera” at “Her Majesty’s” theatre, I chose to just turn up, after I had just dumped my stuff at the hotel, and see if they had any seats available. I was very lucky to find a great one at the front of the stage. I enjoyed the show tremendously. I was really captivated by the huge production (the stage was transforming all the time), the amazing music, and the exceptional singing of course. It’s one of those memories that you just know is going to last. Even though I knew the story, I was still moved by its delivery. The cast was outstanding!

Phantom of The Opera tickets IMG_0218 IMG_0219

After the play, I walked around SOHO, ate, and just absorbed the London vibe. I LOVE this city. Perhaps Meropi is right… a move here might not be a bad idea after all :-)

Now I need to recover from all the eating and drinking. Training for the half marathon will probably help :-) I am also looking forward to diving into the responsibilities of my new role. Even though I did do few things while on the road, I am eager to start the real hard work! The trip to Greece has really helped with my energy levels. I feel that I can be creative again, motivated, and full of ideas.

Seattle, here I come :-)

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