First part of my European trip

Despite a rocky start to the trip due to the jet-lag and a cold, I now feel so much better and I am ready (and very excited) to see my family and friends in Greece. I am currently at the British lounge at Gatwick, waiting for my flight.

The meeting in Cambridge went great. The presentation went smooth and ALL my demos worked flawlessly, which must have been a first :-) We got some nice feedback and there seemed to be genuine interest in Zentity. Alex Wade did an amazing job running the meeting and presenting all the wonderful things that the group has been doing.

On the way to the hotel near the airport, I met a young mother (very sweet and smiling… my type of person :-) with her son, Kendal. They are traveling (backpacking) around Europe for 5 weeks. They had just returned from Greece and they were on the way to Rome (I didn’t ask why they were using Gatwick as a hop). They are from Portland!!! :-)

Kendal and I became friends instantly. He even gave me a pin that he and his mom made as a present at the end. I really wish them all the best and I hope they keep in touch :-)

IMG_1818 IMG_1819

Now… on to Greece… recharge, get rid the last bits of negative energy from the summer, and have fun! :-)