Ed’s birthday party

On Friday, my neighbors Janet and Ed threw a party for Ed’s birthday at Sole Repair in Capitol Hill. They always know how to throw a good party :-) It was an absolute blast. The theme was “Xenophilia = love of the strange”. It was so great to see all the different colors and how creative people can be. Oh… and we danced!!! :-)

I went there with my good friend Jon who created his own costume. He came as a hero: “The Tape Man” :-) He literally tapped himself using lots of tape and newspapers (apparently it took him hours :-). It was soooo funny to see. He was even asked to use his “powers” in the street where he tapped a girl, hands and mouth (I missed the photo opportunity there :-( It was absolutely hilarious :-) I was there as a Wizard but got really hot so I removed the beard and then the entire costume.


The Tape Man

IMG_2135 IMG_2142 IMG_2144 IMG_2145
IMG_2147 IMG_2158 IMG_2159
Party photos


Ed looking at his crew :-)

There was a photo-booth at Sole Repair, which automatically showed the photos on a large screen and uploaded them on Usnaps.com. There are many amazing, fun, creative photos (675 of them). The guys arranged for us to get access to them. Thanks!!! Here are few characteristic ones.

xenop_586_IMG_5119 xenop_586_IMG_5131 xenop_586_IMG_5248
xenop_586_IMG_5147xenop_586_IMG_5154 xenop_586_IMG_5161
xenop_586_IMG_5354 xenop_586_IMG_5285 xenop_586_IMG_5653
xenop_586_IMG_5498xenop_586_IMG_5487 xenop_586_IMG_5409

And yes, this is me taking a photo of the photo showing the camera that took all the photos above :-)



Many thanks guys! I had a blast! Happy birthday again Ed!