Transitioning to a new role

I know it hasn’t been long since I moved to Bing from Microsoft Research but things don’t always work out as originally planned.

I learned a lot while at Bing but my primary goal of getting experience in delivering a large-scale service wasn’t being realized. Furthermore, the work I wanted to do around many ideas in the semantic computing, knowledge representation and reasoning space, touching all aspects of the data-information-knowledge spectrum didn’t really materialize due to a shift in priorities in my team and the current focus of the entire organization. I met many interesting people and got exposed to an organizational structure and mode of operation which were different from what I was used to until then. All valuable experiences.

When I found out about an opportunity for a brand new team in the Technical Computing/HPC space, I decided to pursue it. After many interactions and interviews, I am now ready to announce that I will be moving back to my old research discipline, that of distributed High Performance Computing. I am going to be joining Kyril Faenov‘s organization to work on a yet-to-be-announced product under the leadership of Mark Schnitzer.

It is very likely that this blog will (again) see some more technical content in the coming months :-) Also, I am looking forward to interacting with scientists and technical computing experts in companies as part of our attempt to understand requirements and build solutions to meet them. The space is very exciting and I am looking forward to starting the hard work.

This move addresses the majority of “Savas blues” from back of July (check out my tweets from that time to see what I mean :-) I am once more excited about what I am going to be doing at work, looking forward to the challenges, and feel completely re-energized. Life feels positive again and I feel I can deal with everything that it throws my way, professionally and personally!

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