The importance of friends in my life

I try my best in my life to be a good friend to everyone. Sometimes I do mistakes. I seriously apologize to those whom I might have hurt. I do hope that in most times I am someone to whom my friends can count.

Over emotional times, I realize how lucky I am to have met and connected with so many people around the world, many of whom I consider good friends. No matter what time of the day or night, I will always find someone willing to hear me out, who knows me and is willing to offer a calm advice, a good word to lift my spirits up.

So… THANK YOU to all my friends who picked up my vibes and contacted me to check out on me, those whom I contacted and were more than glad to do everything to support me. Colette, Katerina, Meropi, Sofi, David, Meredith, Kostas (the first one to make my really laugh after a loooong time with his silly jokes :-), Jim, and all the others THANK YOU!!!

I am in a much better place today. I have been philosophizing under the sun at Greenlake. This past summer was fun, rewarding, exciting, difficult, challenging, full of joy but also mistakes! There is no blame and no regrets of course. That’s life! I’ve learnt my lessons and I am moving on, hopefully wiser.

I am looking forward to starting in my new role in Technical Computing, finishing the book, starting a new side project after the book (hopefully with Jim), starting traveling again, and taking care of my body and soul.

It’s amazing what a complete system reset can do sometimes.